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Quad Pastoral Unit

Whether you be a parishioner, a fellow believer, or someone in search for something more, thank you for taking the time to consider our website.

You will find here just a preview of the close-knit community found in our four parishes. We have proudly lived the Catholic Faith in Sangamon and Morgan Counties for more than a century, and pray that it please God to give us another hundred years in his service.

If you’re looking for a community of Catholic Christian disciples in which to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, and service, we welcome you.

For the latest news, please read our parish bulletin which you will find in PDF format below.

  • Mass Schedule


    4:15pm – Visitation BVM

    5:45pm – St. Sebastian


    8:00am – Sacred Heart

    10:00am – St. Mary’s

    View weekday mass schedule (PDF)

  • Bulletin

    Choose a page to download in PDF format

  • Confessions & Eucharistic Adoration



    3-4pm – Visitation BVM

    Eucharistic Adoration

    Eucharistic Adoration will be offered each Thursday from 6-8pm. Please check the current bulletin for any changes in the schedule. Father Ron will hear confessions during this time.

    1st Thursday – Visitation BVM

    2nd Thursday – St. Sebastian

    3rd Thursday – Sacred Heart

    4th Thursday – St. Mary's

  • Office of the Parishes

    306 East Birch Street
    P.O. Box 20
    New Berlin, IL 62670-0020

    Phone & Fax: 217-488-3545

    Office hours:
    Monday & Thursday, 8:30am–Noon
    Tuesday & Wednesday, 8:30–3:00pm

  • Parochial Administrator

    Father Ron Lorilla

    Father Ron Lorilla

    308 East Yates Street
    New Berlin, IL 62670


  • Parish School of Religion

    • New Berlin

      Meets after 10:00am Sunday Mass during school year

      Heather Peters
    • Franklin

      Meets after 8:00am Sunday Mass during school year

      Pam Blackorby
  • Our Sister Parish

    St. Anthony of Padua

    St. Anthony of Padua

    Río Dulce, Guatemala

    Learn about St. Anthony and view photos

  • Member Registration

    If your family would like to register as a member of any of our four parishes, please fill out the following form.

    Member Registration Form

Mission Statement

“We, the members of the Quad Parishes, consisting of St. Mary’s of New Berlin, Sacred Heart of Franklin, St. Sebastian of Waverly, and Visitation BVM of Alexander, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, are committed to be disciples of Jesus through baptism in the Roman Catholic tradition. We will strive to make Christ more visible in our lives, our communities, and the world, through worship, serving others, and proclaiming God’s Word. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the love of God, with our time, talent, and treasures, in order to make our parishes a place for all who love God to call home.”

The Quad Parishes are in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois